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12 Days of ActivateStaff: A Recap of 2022

12 Days of ActivateStaff

2022 has been a big year for our team, from new product features to our rebrand. Before we jump into 2023, we wanted to look back at our top performing pieces of content from the past year and see what we’ve explored together. Day 1 – 5 Lessons from High-Growth Staffing Agencies Earlier this year, […]

TimeSaved is now ActivateStaff

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After five years of serving the staffing industry, TimeSaved is changing our name to ActivateStaff. Why the change? TimeSaved was born in 2016. Our founder, Rohan, was managing the flagship store of a major Canadian retailer when they abruptly closed their doors, leaving thousands of people without work. Rohan wanted to create a better way […]

Indeed Flex: Where Are They Now?

Back in 2020, Indeed launched its platform ‘Indeed Flex’ in relative silence, signaling their entry into the staffing industry after acquiring Syft and rebranding in the USA. This was looked at as a fairly notable threat to many agencies as it marked the beginning of a change that many traditional firms in the industry were […]

IndeedFlex: Why Their Access to Your Data Makes a Difference

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UberEats can predict new restaurant success. How can they do that? Because they have the data. If the majority of residents in an area are constantly searching for Chinese food, and there isn’t an option close to that area, it would stand to reason that a restaurant in that area would do reasonably well. Okay, […]