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Indeed Flex: Where Are They Now?

Back in 2020, Indeed launched its platform ‘Indeed Flex’ in relative silence, signaling their entry into the staffing industry after acquiring Syft and rebranding in the USA. This was looked at as a fairly notable threat to many agencies as it marked the beginning of a change that many traditional firms in the industry were reluctant to get on board with – staffing platform technology

Not only this, but Indeed is a major player in the game that had access to industry knowledge, deep pockets, and vast stores of data. And this data often came straight from agencies themselves and could potentially be used to out-position them in the market. Unsurprisingly, agencies took note. 

So where is Indeed Flex now?

Launch in Texas

Indeed Flex, first located in the UK as Syft, made its initial launch into US markets in Texas in 2020. Having started with services in warehousing, cleaning and retail, now they also offer their flexible gig services in the industrial, hospitality, retail, clerical and facilities management staffing segments. As of 2021, they’ve expanded services to include areas in Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia.

COVID-19 fuels the growth of staffing

Indeed is part of Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd., which is one of the world’s largest staffing companies. Revenue for their HR tech segment (which includes both Indeed and Glassdoor) grew 80.4% – an increase of 64.7% – in its fiscal fourth quarter ending March 31st. In the fiscal year 2022, this segment is expected to grow another 10-20%, and the Indeed Flex platform is expected to be responsible for an estimated 2-3% of the revenue in that segment.

Increase in temporary work to combat the rising cost of living

The launch of Indeed Flex was amidst the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a surge in the gig economy. Many people that lost their jobs flocked to temporary work during this time, making it the perfect time for their rollout. Cut to 2022, where the world’s economy continues to recover and the increased costs of living and the Great Resignation have made it so that there is both a need and want for gig work to continue. These factors have permanently changed the way that people want to work, including where they want to work and when.

Indeed Flex found success in the industry by offering convenience through flexible jobs and instantaneous shift confirmations to entice candidates. The ability for job seekers to take control of their work hours and location is a liberty that has made on-demand staffing platforms so valuable. On top of that, they offer managed service providers (MSP) services, offering training and support to help agencies use their platform to manage their workforce and agencies.

CEO of Staffmark Group joins Indeed Flex US

May 2022, Staffmark Group’s CEO Stacey Lane was welcomed as the new General Manager for Indeed Flex in the US. The company is a member of RGF Staffing, a staffing group that provides a range of diverse HR services in the USA, Australia, Europe and Japan. Their staffing expertise is being brought and held in-house (RGF Staffing is a part of Recruit Holdings). Stacey Lane will continue to serve as president and CEO of Staffmark Group.

Much to learn from candidate reception in the market

Indeed Flex has also done a lot of work in the past year to increase their visibility on the app stores. General keywords searches, such as “flexible work” and “temp jobs”, will bring up their app on the first page, boasting higher hourly wages, weekly payments and the ability to apply for jobs at their convenience. Their ASO strategy increases their brand awareness and promotes the benefits of their application. 

But depending on where you look, reviews left in response to their app show that there is still a lot of room for improvement. On top of that, the user feedback provides the best insights into your candidate experience and really allows you to explore what matters most to them. 

For staffing firms to stay competitive with an entity like Indeed Flex, they should be harnessing technology to offer value beyond traditional recruitment strategies. Agencies that are hesitating or slow to transition over are missing out on opportunities for growth and rapidly falling behind the curve.

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