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Traditional Staffing vs. Mobile Talent Marketplaces: Why Make the Switch

In 2024, there are two approaches to staffing that dominate the industry: Mobile self-service talent marketplaces and traditional staffing agencies. Each approach offers different advantages, catering to different needs and preferences. In this blog, we break down the foundations of each model and explore why agencies with a mobile strategy, powered by staffing platform technology, […]

Transforming Your Staffing Business Into A Self-Service Marketplace

Transforming Your Staffing Business Into A Self-Service Marketplace

Traditional staffing processes have become increasingly insufficient, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities to accelerate (and even sustain) growth. Many staffing firms have even reported a loss of business to competitors that have adopted mobile self-service marketplace technology – up to 40% in some instances. Staffing platforms have emerged as the ultimate solution, transforming how […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Staffing Industry Leader Should Make in 2024

Snapshot: Embrace digital transformation Focus on making data-driven decisions Prioritize the candidate and client experience Clean up and centralize your database Adopt ethical practices for implementing AI and automation As we step into 2024, it’s time for staffing industry leaders to reflect on the past and plan for a successful future. The staffing industry has […]

Are You Losing Business to Competitors? Combatting Revenue Loss in Staffing

Imagine this: A well-established staffing agency, with years of industry experience, suddenly loses nearly 40% of its business (from 8500 shifts to 5000) to a neighboring agency in one month. The reason? They didn’t have a mobile app. This is a real-life cautionary tale that showcases a growing trend in the staffing industry. In an […]

Per Diem Staffing Ahead: Balancing Technology and the Human Touch


The per diem healthcare staffing industry has seen a remarkable evolution in the past few years. This change has been largely driven by the rise and adoption of staffing platforms. As we explore the future of per diem staffing, it’s essential to understand how these technological advancements are reshaping the industry. A surge in per […]