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5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Staffing Industry Leader Should Make in 2024


  1. Embrace digital transformation
  2. Focus on making data-driven decisions
  3. Prioritize the candidate and client experience
  4. Clean up and centralize your database
  5. Adopt ethical practices for implementing AI and automation

As we step into 2024, it’s time for staffing industry leaders to reflect on the past and plan for a successful future. The staffing industry has rapidly evolved over the past few years due to advancements in technology, shifts in market demands and changes in workforce trends. Embracing these changes through New Year’s resolutions can set the stage for growth in the coming year.

Here are our five new years resolutions to implement in 2024:

Embrace digital transformation

From candidate onboarding to streamlined communication channels, adopting the right technology is key for staffing agencies. Embracing digital transformation can prevent revenue loss, enhance candidate and client retention and boost operational efficiency. For example, our white-labelled mobile platform simplifies and enhances staffing processes, placing you ahead in the digital race. Whatever your choice of technology, figure out your goals and find the right tool to make it happen.

Focus on making data-driven decisions

Businesses are on the constant lookout for new and more accurate ways to measure performance and understand their return on investment. In 2024, focus on using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage and evaluate your business. Some major KPIs to track include time to fill, fill rates and conversion, which can be managed and tracked using the right technology.

Prioritize the candidate and client experience

In 2024, enhancing the candidate and client experience remains a top priority for staffing agencies. The goal is to streamline the entire process, from onboarding to redeployment, making it as seamless as possible.

Increasingly, modern candidates look for agencies with platforms offering ease, transparency and rapid access to job opportunities, while clients demand efficiency and clear communication. Leveraging mobile apps and technology, staffing agencies can meet these evolving needs, enhancing the recruitment journey and standing out in the competitive market.

Clean up and centralize your database

Your agency’s database is the cornerstone of operations. Make it a priority to clean up and centralize your database. This process involves organizing candidate and client information, including removing any outdated or duplicate data. Cleaning your data is particularly important if you’re thinking about implementing new technology, such as an ATS or staffing platform and sets your team up for continued success in the future.


Learn more about best practices for clean data.

Adopt ethical practices for implementing AI and automation

By now, either you or someone in your agency has probably taken a stab at using some kind of AI or automation, such as ChatGPT or Bard. While this type of tech is incredibly useful, it’s still important to err on the side of caution. The sudden influx of AI tools has given rise to ethical considerations that we’ve never had to make before, such as hiring bias and data privacy.  By adopting a responsible approach to AI and automation, staffing agencies can harness their benefits while maintaining trust and integrity in their operations. 

Ready to transform your staffing agency and stay ahead in the industry? Discover how our white-labelled mobile platform can be your ally in achieving these 2024 staffing resolutions. Contact us today for a demo.

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