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12 Days of ActivateStaff: A Recap of 2022

2022 has been a big year for our team, from new product features to our rebrand. Before we jump into 2023, we wanted to look back at our top performing pieces of content from the past year and see what we’ve explored together.

Day 1 – 5 Lessons from High-Growth Staffing Agencies

Earlier this year, ActivateStaff sat down with two of our inspirational clients, Pluto Healthcare and Lead Health. Lead Health has been on SIA’s fastest growing agency list two years running and Pluto Healthcare, founded in 2019, went from $0 to $40 million in revenue two years. We discussed what their high-growth agencies are doing differently that enables their success. Here are five lessons on what you can do to fuel your agency’s growth.

Day 2 – Harnessing Your Database To Find Candidates

What can agencies do to fill jobs amidst the scarcity of available talent? In this recap of an episode of Staffing Buzz with Brooke, special guest Tom Erb from Tallann Resources shares his years of expertise and insight into the technology agencies are using to source talent. He reminds us the reason why you should never forget to harness your existing database to find candidates. 

Day 3 – 6 Ways To Increase Candidate Redeployment Rates

Staffing agencies and hiring companies spend a lot of time and money scouring for new talent across job boards and social media. Strategies like increasing candidate redeployment rates are often overlooked even though more focus there can save money and create a better experience. Here are six ways to tackle the redeployment challenge using technology

Day 4 – 11 Benefits of Native Apps

Mobile apps are becoming an essential tool in every staffing agency’s tech stack. But making the commitment to select an app and a provider is a big decision. Native and web apps each have their benefits but it’s essential to investigate your options. In this blog, we break down the pros and cons of native mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs) to help you understand which choice would be better suited for your agency’s needs.

Day 5 – 10 KPIs that Temporary Staffing Agencies Should Be Leveraging

What key performance indicators (KPIs) should temporary staffing agencies be looking at? They measure how effective and efficient your recruitment process is, and can help businesses manage contingency labour costs and evaluate efficiencies. In this blog, we share why it’s essential for an agency to not only understand why businesses rely on these metrics but also how to manage and evaluate their own performance.

Day 6 – What To Look For In Staffing Apps

Staffing platforms can completely transform how your agency operates. If you’re thinking of getting your agency started, you’re going to need to investigate your options. Here are the most important things you’ll want to keep top of mind as you begin the evaluation process of your staffing platform providers.

Day 7 – Building the best candidate experience increases revenue by 30% (case study)

CoreMedical Group, a healthcare agency with approximately 130-million in revenue, used ActivateStaff’s mobile-first staffing platform to capture the market shift in candidate expectations, increase revenue and go toe-to-toe with large healthcare agencies and technology disruptors. In our popular case study, learn how this tech helped increase the productivity of their recruiters by 50% and revenue of their agency by 30%.

Day 8 – Healthcare Staffing Platforms: Navigating A Changing Market

At Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) 2022 Healthcare Staffing Summit, Activate’s CEO Rohan Jacob ran an Ideas in Action panel alongside Aram Hampoian (CEO of CoreMedical), Beth Schneider (CCO of Lead Health) and Bob Livonius. They discussed staffing platforms and how real agencies are experiencing the benefits. This blog recaps some of the biggest takeaways from that session.

Day 9 – What Are Staffing Platforms? (3-part series)

There is a lot of chatter around staffing platforms and staffing platforms as a service (SPaaS). But what exactly are these tools? Read this blog series to learn what staffing platforms do and how agencies go about adopting this tech into their organization:

Read Part 1: What Are Staffing Platforms? Breaking Down The Buzz

Read Part 2: Staffing Platforms – A Deep Dive Into Features And Benefits

Read Part 3: Should My Agency Be Using A Staffing Platform?

What is a staffing platform?

Day 10 – Major Agencies Are Acquiring Staffing Platforms And You Should Know About It

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the staffing industry, for the past several months you’ve probably heard about a lot of acquisitions taking place. Staffing firms have been acquiring staffing platforms and talent marketplaces at an increased rate, such as the acquisition of BlueCrew by Employbridge, the largest industrial staffing company in the US. Learn what these acquisitions mean for your agency and what you should be doing about it.

Day 11 – Staffing Platforms: The New Candidate Journey (e-book)

In our latest e-book, we focus on staffing platforms and share the most essential knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve. This guide is your one-stop-shop for learning what this technology can do to transform your agency.

Day 12 – TimeSaved is Now ActivateStaff

After five years of serving the staffing industry, we changed our name from TimeSaved to ActivateStaff. We still aim to save people time and always will, but our mission was always about so much more. Read our rebrand story to learn more.

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2022 has been another incredible year of growth and transformation for staffing tech and we couldn’t be more excited about everything to come in 2023. If you’re interested in learning more about staffing platforms, book a meeting with an expert on our team.

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