TimeSaved is now ActivateStaff.

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TimeSaved is now ActivateStaff

After five years of serving the staffing industry, TimeSaved is changing our name to ActivateStaff.

Why the change?

TimeSaved was born in 2016. Our founder, Rohan, was managing the flagship store of a major Canadian retailer when they abruptly closed their doors, leaving thousands of people without work. Rohan wanted to create a better way for them to find work using technology, and TimeSaved was born for this purpose.

Originally intended to be an evolution of companies like TaskRabbit, we set out to build a mobile-first marketplace where people could exchange services to save time. Hence the name TimeSaved. 

As our company grew, we realized we could provide the world of work with more value by partnering with staffing agencies. Instead of trying to replicate the marketplaces the staffing industry had already built, we could focus on building future-forward technology that would serve that marketplace. We then began engineering solutions that help agencies evolve to meet the changing needs of the workforce head on.

We still aim to save people time and always will, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about bringing freedom and flexibility to the world of work and empowering people to build better businesses and lifestyles. 

Why Activate?

We’ve always believed that staffing agencies play a critical role in the modern workforce. Especially as the gig economy has risen to prominence in recent years. 

We believe the value they provide workers and businesses is essential to a healthy evolution of the world of work. We also believe that technology has evolved at a dizzying pace, both before COVID but especially since. We want to make it easier for agencies to digitally transform to meet these evolving demands. 

We believe technology has the power to help agencies activate their workforce and all the possibilities that lay ahead for the industry. 

What’s next?

Rebranding has not impacted the product and the future we are enthusiastically building for our customers and the staffing industry. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The product has been evolving so rapidly that it’s driven us to evolve our brand. 

Adoption of platforms like ours have skyrocketed in the last few years, and we’re excited to continue this journey. Our customers push us every day to create better solutions, and we will continue to resolutely pursue our mission: to build the ultimate staffing technology, built for the way people want to work. 

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