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Best in SPaaS: Top Product Tips from ActivateStaff

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you may have noticed what we call our “pro tip” section. These are product specific tips about how our tool can help achieve something we’re talking about in an article.

And while we typically like to reserve our blog for industry trends rather than product exploration, we thought rounding up our top tips might help people who are in the process of evaluating a staffing platform as a service provider.

Here are some game changers you should be thinking about:

1. App store optimization is a must for lead generation

:bulb:Pro tip:

Having a privately labelled app in the App Store is a must in order to reap the benefits of app store optimization (ASO). If using a mobile app as a lead generation tool is important to you, make sure your chosen provider publishes apps in the store.

2. Algorithmic job matching is a huge time saver

:bulb:Pro tip:

Algorithmic job matching is a game changer for ActivateStaff clients. Candidates enter their own preferences when they sign up (a < 3 minute process that captures their skills, availability, location and preferences). This information is then used to surface a personalized feed of jobs on their app, saving agencies hours in their matching process.

3. Instant messaging will get you the best worker engagement

:bulb:Pro tip:

There are a lot of different communication avenues available to engage candidates: email, texting, etc. And while different people have different preferences and there are occasions for all types, an overwhelming majority respond more favourably to branded instant messages. 

4. Beware of prototypes

:bulb:Pro tip:

Make sure any provider you are considering has a live, functioning app. This may seem straightforward, but ensure that what you are being shown is not a prototype. There are a few ways to test this:

  1. When looking at the demo, keep an eye out for a translucent circle clicking through the app. This is indicative of a Figma prototype (a common software for designing product UI)
  2. Ask them for a demo app you can download from the App Store and play around with on your own time

5. Drop shift capabilities help reduce ghosting

:bulb:Pro tip:

In addition to being able to view jobs easily before applying, the ability to drop or change shifts easily is of equal importance to candidates. Our “drop shift” notification system has helped our agency partners reduce ghosting, backfill roles faster and also gather critical data on why candidates are dropping shifts.

6. Use your platform to diversify your placement types

:bulb:Pro tip:

Having one system that allows you to place both longer term placements and shorter shifts is a game changer. Several of Activate’s clients have been able to supplement their travel nursing business with per diem shifts all within one platform.

7. Automation can help solve the candidate black hole

:bulb:Pro tip:

ActivateStaff’s automated welcome message helps engage candidates without a recruiter needing to be involved.

Whenever a candidate downloads the app, they are sent a list of instructions (completely customizable by the agency) so they know what to expect and can see value from the app right away.

8. Provide distinct onboarding for new vs existing candidates

:bulb:Pro tip:

A system we call two-track onboarding has helped ActivateStaff clients keep their data clean. There is a different process for candidates depending on whether they exist in your ATS already or are a net new candidate coming to your app. This helps to eliminate duplicate records.

9. Use real-time notifications to target your warmest leads

:bulb:Pro tip:

You can use your real-time notification data to create a “warmest leads” approach. If you focus your outreach efforts on candidates that you know are active in the app you’re more likely to get engagement.

Activate clients have found this approach helps save their recruiters hours each day.

This tip first appeared in 11 Benefits Of Native Apps

10. Try and rank for job titles in the app store

:bulb:Pro tip:

The existence of gig work apps has led to an interesting trend in worker behaviour. People have started to go to the app store to search for jobs by title and type, so keep this in mind when selecting your keywords.

ActivateStaff’s healthcare clients, for example, rank for terms like “RN jobs”, “nursing shifts”, “LPN jobs”, “travel nursing jobs” etc.

11. Have candidates help you keep your data clean

:bulb:Pro tip:

Enabling candidate self service is a game changer for database cleanliness and relevance of information. If you give your candidates the ability to update their own location, availability, skills and preferences through a mobile app, you’ll be able to filter, target and ultimately redeploy people much more effectively.

12. Don’t be afraid to include your clients in the platform

:bulb:Pro tip:

Allowing your clients to create their own shifts through the platform (and even select their own workers) can be a game changing part of staffing platform technology. Not only does it off load tasks from your team, but it allows clients more control and transparency (and often, lower operating costs with your team).

Note: This may not be the right strategy for all your clients. Also, many staffing platforms have limited client portal functionality so be sure to check closely if it’s important to you.

Want to make these pro tips work for your agency? Schedule a meeting with the experts on our team to learn how.

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