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The Explosive Growth of On-Demand Healthcare Staffing Platforms

The growth of on-demand healthcare staffing platforms over the last few years is undeniable. It seems like every week a new provider is making an announcement about more funding, a growing worker pool, or explosive growth in revenue. It comes as no surprise, given the way they’ve helped agencies navigate the rapidly evolving market during COVID 19.

So what does that mean for healthcare agencies? Who are these competing platforms and why are they seeing such incredible success?

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Who are these on-demand healthcare staffing platforms?

Trusted Health: One of the earlier entrants into the healthcare staffing platform space, Trusted Health reported back in 2019 that they has closed 20 million dollars in funding, were adding 1,000 nurses every week to their pool, and were handling more than 250,000 positions in their first quarter of operation. 

SnapNurse: SIA reported on SnapNurse’s massive success in 2020/2021, noting how the platform had more than 150,000 healthcare workers registered and were on track to record 1.5 billion dollars by the end of 2021.

CareRev: The latest on-demand platform to make the news, CareRev recently closed a $50 million funding round to help grow what is now a roster of 11,000 clinicians and 30 facilities. 

What are they offering candidates?

We published an article previously when Trusted Health first launched called The Future of Healthcare Staffing is Mobile and the message we put forward then still applies today:

“The platform promises flexibility and a better candidate experience, while citing “antiquated and inefficient recruiting processes” as a reason that nurses miss out on quality, timely positions. The app allows them to choose where, why and how they want to work, ensuring they get matched with the best positions and fast.

With such a tight candidate market, candidate experience cannot be overlooked. And in its first months of operation, Trusted Health has proven that empowering nurses through mobile technology can make a significant impact on how they get placed for work.”

What others have to say about this success:

“SnapNurse disrupted healthcare staffing by creating a self-service model to accelerate the placement of healthcare providers,” COO Jeff Richards said. “It’s not a matter of insufficient supply. We have an abundance of qualified healthcare professionals, but the challenge has been connecting these individuals who are ready, able and willing to go to the facilities that need them – and to do it in an efficient way.”

“CareRev’s scalable, differentiated approach — including intuitive technology for the two-sided marketplace — has showed us that the traditional, expensive and resource-intensive staffing agencies are a thing of the past,” said Jared Kesselheim, MD, managing partner at Transformation Capital.

There is a growing sentiment among healthcare workers and facilities that this kind of on-demand healthcare staffing model is a must moving forward. At ActivateStaff we work with healthcare agencies to help them implement this kind of technology so they don’t get left behind. Check out our case study or book a meeting with a member of our team.

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