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How Mobile Staffing Platforms are Transforming the Industry

On December 13th, Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) hosted our webinar on “How Mobile Staffing Platforms are Transforming the Industry (and What Staffing Firms Have to Say About it)”. ActivateStaff’s CEO Rohan Jacob sat down with a few of our clients, Matthew Mawby (Co-founder, StaffHealth/NurseShifts), Doug Shelow (Senior Director, CORE Operations at Headway Workforce Solutions) and Aram Hampoian (CEO, CoreMedical Group). They discussed how they leverage mobile staffing platforms in their agencies to reach their goals.

Watch the webinar on-demand below!

Mobile staffing platforms can be a one-stop shop for your agency’s needs

Although our staffing platform integrates with Bullhorn ATS solutions, we have several clients that choose to use our solution standalone as a one-stop shop for their candidates. During our live webinar, Matthew Mawby spoke to how NurseShifts migrated off their other tools and why they chose to consolidate their tech stack into one place. 

“We have all the information in one place. It consolidates everyone into one platform [to collect information like credentials],” noted Matthew. Powered by StaffHealth, a full-service healthcare staffing and recruitment agency, NurseShifts is their white-labelled staffing app. The agency realized they needed the flexibility to schedule multiple people at once and keep everyone on the same page. For them, ActivateStaff’s mobile staffing platform supplied the solution.

Matt Mawby on the importance of mobile staffing platforms

Leverage platforms during client conversations to close more deals

Everyone knows that candidates want to use their phones to find their next job and today it’s about creating an experience that stands out to candidates. Many agencies are noting the same level of demand coming from their clients as well.

For Headway, the client portal experience is a critical part of how staffing platforms meet the needs of their operation. The self-service element is essential. As Doug Shelow shared during the webinar, they’ve seen a 20-30% reduction in no-shows because candidates are able to self-select their next jobs. 

“Tech is the key differentiator for this workforce,” asserted Doug. “Mobile tech is everything in this space. The gig economy evolved mobile tech…. It’s an important lesson: If the solution that we bring isn’t clean, simple and adaptable, [candidates] will go find something that is.”  By showing their clients the speed and efficiency of the platform, they are able to better convince them they are the right partner. 

Doug Shellow on the importance of mobile staffing platforms

Mobile staffing platforms help agencies be more effective

For CoreMedical Group, platforms have helped them be more effective in the past few years. Introducing the tech to their recruiters over the course of six months in a phased approach helped them be purposeful in their actions. By using the rollout to study the behavior of their candidates and recruiters, they were able to better the experience along the way and get more of their team on board.

“You need to be able to talk to different people and communicate in different ways to be able to continue to grow your business,” stated Aram Hampoian, CEO. “We know going into this partnership [with Activate] that we were going to have to continue to evolve.”

CoreMedical has had record site visits this year, but they’re also seeing 4x the number of visitors to their mobile platform. This engagement with their platform has encouraged hesitant recruiters to get on board and is providing good ROI for their team. 

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To learn more about the success of staffing platforms in the healthcare industry, download our case study below or book a meeting with a member of our team.

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