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How Technology Is Shaping Healthcare Staffing in 2023

The healthcare staffing sector has been forced to navigate significant shifts in the past few years, prompted by unforeseen global events and the evolution of industry demands. A recent webinar, hosted by Rohan Jacob (CEO, ActivateStaff), featuring staffing industry veteran Syd Kain (President, RightPro Staffing), provided interesting perspectives on the incorporation of technology to address the sector’s ever-changing needs in 2023.

This blog will delve into the rise of per diem staffing and how to overcome operational challenges using technology.

The rise of per diem opportunities

According to Syd, job openings rose to 10,000 every morning at the peak of the pandemic, and agencies were grappling with the increased demand. But recently, there has been a noticeable change in job openings and market dynamics. Organizations became more competitive and cautious, with a focus on filling positions internally before reaching out to their supplier network.

While many sectors, such as travel and allied healthcare, have dropped back down to pre-pandemic levels, per diem opportunities have continued to see a rise in demand. Syd Kain explained that it is because it gives hospitals, especially those with tighter budgets, the flexibility to fill short-term assignments efficiently and address immediate needs.

This rise has led many in the industry to believe there will soon be a ‘per diem renaissance’ driven by the adoption of technology.

Overcoming operational challenges with staffing platforms

Stepping into per diem staffing comes with its own set of challenges. Staffing agencies can come across many operational issues such as onboarding, scheduling and handling last-minute cancellations. Clear communication and efficiency are essential for overcoming these types of challenges.


Integrating the right kind of technology can help mitigate these difficulties. For RightPro, leveraging a staffing platform helped them react quicker to the changing needs in the industry and made their operations smoother and more streamlined. Their app, ‘RightShift’, connects facilities with clinicians efficiently, allowing real-time visibility and transparency for both clients and candidates. 

Enhanced candidate experience and branding extension

When their app was released, it was met with wide acceptance by clinicians, adding a new dimension to the recruiting process and serving as an extension of RightPro’s brand. Candidates were finding the app organically through the app stores, helping maintain engagement, communication and operational management. It also decreased candidate no-show rates, lessened dependency on job boards and enabled clinicians to be paid in one day.

“One thing that comes up that we’re going to market with as a major differentiator right now is that the platform allows us to do daily pay,” said Syd Kain. “With ActivateStaff, we’ve been able to create a system where when the clinician clocks out they get paid. Traditionally, if you work you’ll get paid the following Friday. With RightPro Staffing, you’re getting paid tonight.”

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Tips for future proofing your staffing agency

As the landscape of work becomes more flexible, it’s important for agencies to adapt. One way to do this is by ensuring mobile responsiveness through a staffing platform. This enables candidates to interact seamlessly with your recruiters, be matched to jobs quickly and easily see what fits their schedule.

Additionally, in the digital world, sustaining brand presence is critical. Whether it’s through social media engagement, website optimization or the incorporation of white-labelled staffing apps, each interaction point is vital in maintaining brand visibility. Consistent and strategic utilization of a platform is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity.

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