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Form I-9 Changes in 2023: What You Need to Know

Form I-9 Changes 2023

In partnership with: Snapshot: The federal government is ending its Form I-9 remote inspection policy Employers have until August 30, 2023 to physically inspect all impacted records Modular onboarding can help staffing agencies tackle this problem more effectively The US government is ending the Form I-9 flexibilities created during COVID-19, leaving many staffing agencies to […]

Webinar Recap: The Rapid Growth of Per Diem Platforms

Webinar Recap: The Rapid Growth of Per Diem Platforms

On Friday, February 24th 2023, ActivateStaff hosted a live webinar on “The Rise of Per Diem Staffing Platforms” to discuss the sudden growth of funding behind mobile staffing platforms in the healthcare space. Leading the discussion was Activate’s CEO Rohan Jacob, who shed light on the meaning behind this surge and shared strategies for small […]

7 Staffing Industry Articles You Should Read in 2022

7 Staffing Articles You Should Read in 2022

2022 has been a highly eventful year for the staffing industry. Between the Great Resignation, ongoing talent shortage and a shift to more flexible work, the market for staffing has evolved considerably. Before we begin to look further into the coming year, we would like to take a moment to look back and reflect upon […]

Major Agencies Are Acquiring Staffing Platforms and You Should Know About It

Major agencies are acquiring staffing platforms and you should know about it

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the staffing industry, for the past several months you’ve probably heard about a lot of acquisitions taking place. It’s a growing trend we’re seeing in the industry where staffing firms have been acquiring staffing platforms and talent marketplaces. It’s no surprise that agencies are capitalizing on […]

TimeSaved is now ActivateStaff

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After five years of serving the staffing industry, TimeSaved is changing our name to ActivateStaff. Why the change? TimeSaved was born in 2016. Our founder, Rohan, was managing the flagship store of a major Canadian retailer when they abruptly closed their doors, leaving thousands of people without work. Rohan wanted to create a better way […]