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Become an industry partner or certified consultant

ActivateStaff’s certified consultant program is designed to help industry partners level up their knowledge of the burgeoning SPaaS landscape and earn commission on referrals. 

Certified consultants are provided with one-on-one training and support, plus collaboration opportunities with Activate CEO and SPaaS thought leader Rohan Jacob. 

Staffing technology consultants

Systems integrators

Employer of record services

Marketing consultants

For more information on how to become an industry partner or certified consultant, fill out the form to let us know you’re interested and we’ll be in touch.

The best candidate
experience, simplified

Do you ever look at on-demand staffing platforms and wonder – what do they offer candidates that I don’t?

Do you wish that instead of wasting time on paperwork and processes your recruiters could focus on building relationships and revenue?

It’s time to think about what the future of staffing looks like for your agency and how you plan on building the best experience for your candidates.

ActivateStaff can help if:

You’re looking to communicate with your workers more effectively, right in the palm of their hand

You want to streamline workflows and do more with less

You want to accelerate your deployment and redeployment

You need to differentiate your agency from competitors and prepare for the future of work

What people say about us

What people say about us

Ready to evolve your agency?

We’re in an era of accelerated change. Canadidate engagement remains at the forefront, and clients are grappling with doing business in new ways.

Your agency has the power to provide them with an experience that will have them coming back to you job after job. See how a consistent, centralized mobile experience can help.