11 Benefits of Native Apps

11 benefits of native apps

Mobile apps are popping up everywhere in the staffing industry and firms are rushing to find solutions to not fall behind the curve. Some simply try to deploy a staffing platform without properly evaluating what this would mean for the future of the agency. One of the most important things to investigate is whether a […]

App Store Optimization: What it is, and How to Do it Well

learning about app store optimization

Staffing agencies are constantly trying to find top talent. To do so, they need to stand out from the competition and provide their candidates with the best experience possible. Apps are a new way that staffing firms can achieve this goal, and proper app store optimization is key. Promoting your app and building up the […]

Should My Agency Be Using a Staffing Platform?

Many staffing agencies are beginning to utilize temporary staffing platforms to stay ahead of the curve. Recognition of their overall benefits to the staffing industry is becoming more apparent. We created a 3-part series to explore and define staffing platforms and share how their features empower candidates, recruiters, and clients alike and what this means […]

Staffing Platforms: A Deep Dive into Features and Benefits

Staffing Platforms: A Deep Dive into Features and Benefits

Staffing platforms, sometimes called temporary staffing platforms or on-demand staffing platforms, are a technology that optimizes the process of filling jobs primarily by providing a seamless mobile experience for candidates. Often involving the automation of repetitive tasks usually done by the recruiter, it offers self-service options for candidates to input information and complete other manual […]

What Are Staffing Platforms? Breaking Down the Buzz

What are staffing platforms?

In every industry, new technologies pop up to keep up with consumers’ changing demands and needs. In the staffing industry, the applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) used to be all the buzz. Now there is increased chatter around new terms such as staffing platforms and staffing platforms as a service (SPaaS). […]